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The Unofficial Flag of Earth was created by me (Josh Sherrington) in March 2012. After I posted it on Reddit my inbox was flooded with people asking if they could buy a physical flag or a t-shirt with the design on it, so I've finally decided to start selling them.

The flag is a stylised representation of the Solar System, the small white dots in the centre representing the Earth and the Moon. The arc to the right of it represents the Asteroid Belt.

If you'd like to buy a t-shirt or a flag, choose a payment option below. Shipping is included, and I ship internationally.

T-shirts use UK/EU sizing, and are printed on Fruit of the Loom Royal Blue T-shirts. Flags are printed in China, on Polyester, and measure 3' x 5'.

Earth Flag T-shirt (Blue) £12
Earth Flag T-shirt (Black) £12
Mars Flag T-shirt £12
Earth Flag £20

Sold Out